TWITI INVESTMENTS is a private investment company. We have over 15-year experience of angel investment as well as operations and management of various companies. Our main focus is biotech and medtech innovative startup companies. We fuel the growth and implementation of breakthrough technologies with financing, counseling and networking.


Our key strategic goals are as follows:

  • We invest in dedicated team of scientists and managers with entrepreneurial spirit
  • We invest in difficult, breakthrough technologies changing current therapeutic approach
  • We invest for the time needed to achieve certain milestones of the project
  • We use our knowledge, experience and networking to create the best environment for the company growth
  • We aim at building a compelling value for our potential partners and investors


  • Mabion Mabion is one of the most innovative biotech companies in Central Europe engaged in development and manufacturing of the latest generation of the drugs based on monoclonal antibodies technology.
  • Lipid Systems Lipid Systems has developed its competences in the field of nanotechnology. Its targeted delivery system is based on highly efficient liposomal encapsulation technology.
  • NeuroDevice NeuroDevice is a med-tech company delivering most innovative solutions in the field of neuroscience, neurostimulation and neurotherapy.
  • Genexo Genexo is a fast growing pharmaceutical company focused on private label products as well as self-testing medical devices with a special attention to diabetes patients.
  • Cellis Cellis is an innovative startup company exploiting human immune cells as a natural drug delivery system to solid tumors and inflammatory sites.
  • Urteste Urteste is a public listed company which develops the innovative first in class method for detecting multiple cancers at an early stage from a single urine sample.
  • Captor Theraupetics Captor Therapeutics is 4th in the world and 1st in Europe biopharmaceutical company developing targeted protein degradation drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases which have limited or no known treatments options.
  • Fluid-Screen Fluid-Screen, Inc. is a Boston-based startup company which has developed an AI enabled, patented electrode system technology with potential to significantly disrupt currently accepted bacteria and virus detection methodology.
  • Human Biome Institute Human Biome Institute is the company specializing in microbiome therapy for patients with intestinal dysbiosis, especially those infected with Clostridium difficile and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


If you find our portfolio to be of your interest or you have some project you would like to share with us, please contact us on: